Compact Vegtrug Patio Garden

Compact Vegtrug Patio Garden

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Product Description

Compact Vegtrug with no covers
The VegTrug™ is the winner of the 2012 Green Thumb Award for Outstanding New Product! Set includes Compact VegTrug Patio Garden, Frame and two Covers Covers let you extend the growing season and protect plants from pests Grow a productive vegetable garden in a small space The Compact VegTrug is built to last of solid wood, with dovetail joints and a food-safe finish The Compact Vegtrug Patio Garden lets you garden at an easy working height; no bending or kneeling to plant, tend and harvest. The compact size is ideal for smaller spaces, and the elevated bed means no weeds and fewer pests, too. The V-shape makes efficient use of space and planting mix — grow deep-rooted plants like tomatoes in the center, shallow-rooted crops along the edges. Includes a fitted fabric liner to keep soil contained while letting excess water drain. Plastic feet protect wood from wet surfaces. Easy assembly. The Compact VegTrug Set includes the Compact Vegtrug Frame & Greenhouse Cover. You can start planting earlier in spring and extend the growing season later into fall for an even bigger harvest. The easy-to-install, 21"-high steel frame installs in minutes with convenient push-fit connectors, and the reinforced polyethylene greenhouse cover has heavy-duty stitching and zippers. The cover slips snugly over the frame and attaches with strong Velcro® tabs. Zips open for ventilation and easy access to crops.


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