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Shark Lift Away Product Info

What people say about the Shark Lift Away

The shark liftaway is easy to assemble. iI is quiter then most vacuums. The hepa filter and sealed container stop dust and other particles from reaching the air, once inside the dirt stays inside until dumpted. The canister is easily detached form the main vacuum so you can clean the stairs, places needing a ladder without having to lift an entire vacuum as you go. Some people detach and clean their cars. The turbo brush is fantastic for cleaning up the pet hair from your furniture, carpets and even in the car. Some people say it cleans better on the motion towards you not on the push away, that is fine for most people though as vauuming usually a push and pull task. The air coming out of the lift away vacuum goes out and up, not down towards the dirt on the floor - this is a great feature to most people.

Technical features about the Shark Navigator Lift Away

No suction loss technology means as you vaccum, and the colletor fills up the suction power is never reduced. The bagless collection feature the shark navigator lift away is a great feature as you never have to buy bags again. The container collector is easily removed and can be carried to your garbage can and dumped with ease! The canisters detaches and is self contained meaning it works away from the main vacuum. You still need to plug it in, but its much more versatile being such a small thing to carry. The 5 year warrany is great to have with any electric product you buy. The bursh bar is powered and can be turn off when doing the hardwood or ceramic type floors. The navigator lift away uses the same technology as the original shark navigator but the main difference is the portability of the canister.

shark no loss of suction navigator lift away upright vac is what many sites call it

Do not despair - this long winded name New Hair Biofactors Reviews Praise Nisim is the long version of shark lift away. It describes its main features being no loss of suction, it is a navigator, and is can be calle the lift away version of the shark lift away navigator.

How does stoorz get find the sale prices on the shark lift away navigator?

Stoorz looks for the best deals on many product but we do sell a lot of shark vaccums in general. So we know which stores offer the shark brands, and which stores have the best prices on them. We update our prices daily, we make sure we find the best possible price out there, and sometimes you will need a shark promotion code in order to get these prices but it all depends on which store we send you to. But rest assured we ususally have the lowest price out there on the shark lift away navigator.

Why buy the shark lift away online?

You have seen the infomercials on the shark lift away and are convinced its a great product. Now you have an option, do I buy it over the phone and pay redicilous shipping charges? The tv spot does offer a free shark mop with it but is it really worth the extra $100? If you are not interested in paying the very high shipping costs, and pay for a mop you may not want, stoorz has the best deal out there on the shark navigator lift away vacucum. No hidden charges, no phone call, order in the privacy of your home without speaking to anyone. Did I say our price includes the shipping charge?

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