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High-Quality Yowza Ellipticals

Searching for innovation and cutting edge design in your fitness equipment? Turn to Yowza Fitness. High quality Yowza ellipticals are designed in the US and tested for your complete satisfaction. Yowza Fitness equipment is sold directly to you, so prices are kept down while value is kept high; so you can save even more money. Quality Yowza ellipticals are built to last and backed by excellent customer service.

Yowza ellipticals feature a maintenance-free “roller-less” direct drive system designed to deliver a smooth and silent operation. When you’re ready to buy an elliptical, use our latest coupons and deals to save more money on a Yowza elliptical or treadmill today.

The Economical Yowza Largo Elliptical

Hooked on elliptical training? Then you should check out Yowza’s Largo Elliptical trainer, which features a small footprint, roller-less design. This is a compelling design for any fitness guru and offers premium quality at an economical price. Plus, the Largo Elliptical has a silky smooth feel and sleek compact design. Don’t pay a fortune to get a full-featured elliptical trainer; buy a Yowza Largo elliptical today!

Features of the Yowza Largo Elliptical:

  • Reversible 18" roller-less elliptical motion
  • Grip Pulse on moving handle bars
  • Resistance Touch Sensors on moving handle bars
  • iPod docking station and Hi-Fidelity speakers
  • Built in "ramp-less" incline
  • Sure-Fit™ self-pivoting pedals
  • Wireless heart rate receiver

The Yowza Elliptical Reviews are In!

Yowza elliptical reviews have made Yowza one of the top fitness manufacturers in the industry, and in record time too. Customers love the quality machines backed by best-in-class warranties. Visit to read the glowing Yowza elliptical reviews.

Yowza Sanibel Reviews Say This is the First Elliptical Core Trainer

Enjoy your workout more and achieve better results with a Yowza Sanibel elliptical, as referenced by the many favorable customer reviews. The Sanibel elliptical is the first elliptical core trainer offering a patented counter-rotational core motion to target the muscles of internal and external obliques, rectus abdominus and serratus anterior like no other cardio machine. You’ll be amazed at how well this machine develops your abdominal muscles, as well as shapes your entire body. Learn more abo¬¬ut this revolutionary product. Don’t just take our word for it; read the Yowza Sanibel reviews, too.

Features of the Yowza Sanibel Elliptical:

  • Patented Counter Rotational Core motion
  • Reversible 21” roller-less elliptical motion
  • Resistance Touch Sensors on moving handle bars
  • iPod docking station and Hi-Fidelity speakers
  • Built in "ramp-less" incline
  • Sure-Fit™ self-pivoting incline

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